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“How about we go out for dinner please?”
I saw a guy pleading over the desk where Hibari ignores him typing on the keyboards. The guy sulk sinking his head low. He turns around and sees me.
“Hey there! I never saw your face around here. New recruit?”
I nod my head.
“My name is Tatsumi. I'm a guard private in unit 3.”
I introduce with my name and unit.
“Ah! Lindow’s team. You got yourself a lucky team. Lindow is amazing teacher.”
Tatsumi praise Lindow for his teaching of showing him how to guard. Tatsumi stop for a moment. He was being called by his unit.
“Aw, darn. Well, I have to go. It’s nice to meet you.” Tatsumi glance at Hibari. “Catch you later, Hibari!” Tatsumi left. Hibari sighs, “ I thought he never leave. Thanks for distracting him.” She smiles at me.
“What do you need today?”
I told her if there was any mission available. She told me there is but ask if I was going alone.
“I can give you member whose available to join you.”
I thank her.
“I could go with you.”
I turn around seeing a pink hair girl with a smile on her face.
“Kanon,” said Hibari.
“Sup, i don’t mind helping with this person mission. I’m totally available.” She said.
“Is that okay with you?” said Hibari.
“I don’t mind,” I said.
“Cool, I’m Kanon. A medic private I got you recover if you need assistance.”
I gave her my name and unit.
“Ah! Lindow’s team. Sweet! You are like alpha.”
I snicker the thought of me being alpha. I shake my head.
“Isn’t that cool,” she said.
I shrug.
“Well, think about it when you get the chance.”

Kanon was a good healer. I nearly was knock out. Kanon blast the healing beam over to me. I was rest assured. There were times she accidentally hit me when I attack the aragami.
“Sorry!” She says.
It wasn’t once or twice she hit me with her gun. I didn’t scold her. She apologized many times after we finish the mission. I told her it’s alright. Kanon didn’t believe me and vow herself to work extra hard to not hurt her friends.

“How you holding up?” said Sakuya hand me a can of soda. She spot me in my deep thought on the bench. I took the soda. I begin to drink.
“I heard from Hibari. You’ve been working hard.”
I shrug. I don’t feel like I’m working hard. I’m just letting myself walk on by. The mission weren’t hard. I know, I’m a rookie. I try to get the mission as done as possible. I want to help save many people as I can.
“You’re a good kid,” said Sakuya.
I shake my head.
“Don’t doubt yourself. You are! You just haven’t seen your potential yet. Right now, you’re learning.”
I took Sakuya’s word for consideration. She smiles and sips her soda.
“I need to get back before Lindow starts whining for more beer. Get some sleep.” She walks away. I sip more of my soda what I had left.  

I work with Brendon. He was good at attacking the aragami. When he gets hit, he brush it off. I slash at the aragami. It had no effect.
“It’s weak against ice,” Brendon told me.
I had a fire katana. My mistake. I change my god arc into a gun blasting off with ice bullets. .

Brendon gives me a light punch.
“I admire your spirit, kid.”
I devour the monster core adding some bonus with materials.
“Does it hurt?” I said.
Brendon looks at me confuse.
“You got hit by the aragami many times than I have.”
Brendan shakes his head and then pause for moment.
“Well, it did but I was so use to fighting aragami that I can’t feel it as much.”
I nod my head.
“I can give you some few pointers about my secret workout.”
I was curious so I took on his offer.

This is so much harder than fighting an aragami. Brendon was doing push-up like nothing. For me, I can only do ten. I fell to the ground.
“Come on,” he said.
I stare at him seeing put one arm behind his back. I was shock. No way!
I begin to do just regular push-up.
Brendon end our exercise.
“If you need a workout partner, I’ll be here.”
My arms felt like noodles. I'm glad it’s over. I will considerate it to come again but once a month.

“Look! It’s the new type!”
I look over seeing a boy with purple hair and a green hood leaning on the wall glaring at me. There was another guy with him. I just came out of my room walking with Kota waiting for the elevator.
“Just ignore them,” said Kota.
“Do you think you’re special?” Said the kid with purple hair.
“Cut it out,” said the guy next to them.
I ignore them. He did caught my attention that I was the only new type of God eater in this branch. I was bound to make a few enemies with this abilities.
“Can you quiet down?”
Kota and I see Soma walking down the hall glaring at the kid. Soma was heading to the elevator as we were to. I don’t know if I should thank him. Soma glare at me.
“Don’t,” he said.
Never mind.
“What’s his deal?” said Kota lean in. The elevator arrived and we ride in silence going down to the lobby.

“Beer?” said Lindow waving his hand with a bottle of beer offering Kota and I.
Sakuya took the bottle away from him, “they’re underage.”
“Hey, I drink that stuff when I wa-”
Sakuya put the beer bottle in his mouth.
“Sorry about that, how you two going so far?”
“I like it. Everyone have been so nice,” said Kota.
I nod in agreement.
“That’s good, we don’t want you guys to feel uncomfortable. We’re family,” said Lindow drinking last drop of his beer.
“Anyways, we assigning you guys a mission different from your regulars. We believe you guys can go a little higher,” said Sakuya.
“Cool! My partner and I can take it!”
“Excellent! Of course, Lindow and I will be behind you guys If anything happens.”
“Cool! We going to get ourselves prepare and be ready.”
“I like the enthusiasm, but the mission is tomorrow.”
“Come on! We can do this!”
“I'm sure but didn’t you two came back from a mission not too long ago,” said Lindow.
Kota sighs. I pat his back lightly.
“Hey, rookie have you been taking care of your God arc,” said Lindow point at my God arc.
“Make sure to keep it well-refine.”
I nod my head. Maybe I could see Licca to help me tune my arc.

“You came to the right place,” Licca exclaim. She starts examining my arc.
“Well, your God arc is in good shape. It’s understandable. You are starting out. Usually, God arc are beaten up badly. Yours is pretty well. I may have to sharpen a bit to make it more sturdy.”
I ask, “ how long it’s going to take.”
She told me I’ll get it back tomorrow.
I’ll come get it early before I go to the mission.

We were in the City of Mercy. Lindow split us up in two teams. I went with Lindow and Kota went with Sakuya. I thought about how Kota is going to talk forever about Sakuya and him.
“We’ll meet here,” said Lindow. That when we depart and split.
Lindow leads ahead as I follow.
“The objective is defeating a Kougou and some Zygote that are in our way.”
I nod to his command.
We were silence until the ground vibrate for a moment. Lindow and I share a look. Lindow took a peek around the corner.
“Objective has been spotted” he reports to me and the intercom. What he’s saying is we found a Kougou.  
“Remember caution,” said Sakuya in the intercom.
“Yeah, yeah you too.”
Lindow look back at me, “ready to make me proud?”
I put my blade ready for his order.
“Already looking like a God eater.”
We begin our attack.

“Is everyone alright?” said Sakuya in the intercom. Lindow devours the Kougou’s core as I keep watch of any aragami lurking.
“We finish the big one. How about you?” said Lindow.
“Kota and I finish our part,” said Sakuya in the intercom.
“I guess, we should meet ourselves at the rendezvous.”
“Got it!”
I scamper off a bit picking some scraps to help build up my god arc. I didn’t go too far and checking my surroundings. Lindow smoke his cigarette. He glance at me picking up certain materials. I came back over to him and show him some stuff I found.
“So are you going to be a material hunter?” he grins.
I shake my head, “I want to help upgrade my weapons.”
“I’m just messing with ya. It’s good. Not many god eater actually take the time and adventure off for materials for their god arc,” Lindow inhales and exhales the smoke. I took two steps back.
He saw me move. He flicks the cigarette leaving it burnt out.
“Do you got everything you needed?” he ask me.
I nod.
Lindow put his arm around me and grins, “this is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.”
Lindow rambles on learning against me as we walk back. I try to hold on not to fall from his upper body weight. I did got to learn a little bit about Lindow. He got to learn a little about me.

I had a feeling Kota was going to chat all day about Sakuya. I was invited to Kota’s quarters. I munch on his snacks. He goes on and on about Sakuya sniping skills. I nod that Sakuya is amazing and good at  shooting the right points. I glance at his projection. We suppose to watch this show together instead it’s hour about Sakuya. I saw the credits roll up. Kota finally realize the show finish. He starts all over again. Once again, He talks. This time he talks about the episode of what’s going to happen next.    
God eater Blood of a Aragami Chap 3
I'm sorry if the story is at a slow pace. Don't worry, I will make the build-up soon. I want you guys to get the chance of getting know the characters. So far, You are meeting different comrades and getting to know them.  The story is just warming up.

Good luck ReadersMirai Kuriyama (Fights) [V1] 
“You’re the new recruit,” said a women with short black hair giving me a welcome smile holding her gun. “My name is Sakuya Tachibana.”
I was assigned on a mission by Lindow. He told me I will meet  someone waiting for me out in the field. It was only going to be us, two.
“Nervous?” she put her hands on my shoulder.  
I shake my head showing my assurance to her.
“Just relax, I’ll be behind you all the way. Today, you going to take the lead.”
We hear the sound of roaring distance from where we standing seeing a tornado in one spot and crumbling building sinking to the ground.
“Don’t go too far running off. If you get too far, I can’t cover you. Stay within my line of sight and my god arc’s effective range.”
I nod my head ready for battle gripping onto my blade.
“Alright, We’re a team you and I. Are you ready?”
I nod.
We both jump out landing on the ground walking forward to the sound of the Aragami.
Sakuya is a long range shooter. She help cover me with healing as I attack in close range. The Aragami were handful, but they weren’t too bad. They were Cocoon Maidens. They were annoying. We got it through. Sakuya make conversation with me telling me if it’s the first time attack these Aragamis. I seen more of orgetail than these aragamis.
“Well, That’s done. You did good out there,” said Sakya smile at me.
I flush for being praise.  
The Aragamis were no more. Sakuya call for Hibari to bring the chopper for finishing our jobs. I look around to find some materials that can use for me to help upgrade my weapon.

“Look what the cats drag in,” said Lindow greet us by the counter of where Hibari typing on the keyboards.
“At least a warm welcome will be nice,” said Sakuya with one hands on her hips.
“How was the rookie?” said Lindow ruffle my head.
“I must say, I’m impressed,” she said.
“That’s good to hear, you should be proud,” said Lindow pats my shoulders.
I had enough compliments for one day. I look around to see if Kota is here.
“If you looking for your friend, He’s out in the field right now with the defense unit,” said Lindow.
“Another rookie?” said Sakuya.
“This kid is one heck of a chatter box,” said Lindow.
I nod in agreement.
“Well, I’m going to hit the showers and Lindow behave with our new recruit.”
Lindow put his arms over my shoulder, “you got it. We’ll be like two peas in a pod.”
Sakuya roll her eyes and walk over to the elevator.
“How was the mission?” said Lindow look at me.
“Good,” I answer shortly.
“Hey, I need details. Good is not enough.”
I thought a moment. I’m just never like the spotlight. I just like to observe.
“The Aragami were.......okay I guess.”
“Well, at least you made a sentence. I’ll stick with that.”
“You guys!!!!”
Kota run down the hallway to greet us.
“I totally nailed that aragami in this mission.”
“Good for you, Kota” said Lindow praise him. This made Kota eyes sparkle.
“How was your mission?” said Kota look over to me.
“Well, you kids have fun. This old bag going to hit the hay.” Lindow walks away giving that cool vibe.
“Man, he’s so cool!” said Kota watching him go.
I must admit he did look pretty cool even though his jokes can be corny sometimes.
“Anyway, how was your mission with Sakuya?”
I told him it was okay. The Aragami were easy to handle I told him. I hope I didn’t sound to confident about it.
“How was Sakuya?”
“What do you mean?”
“Isn’t she smoking hot?”
I watch Kota getting riled talking about Sakuya.
“She’s like a freakin Amazon Warrior Maiden!Damn, She’s so fine!”
Kota goes on and on about her.
“How about a contest to see who can impress Sakuya the most by defeating the most  Aragami.”
Of course, there’s was going to be another game with him. I am kind of curious how far I can go defeating Aragami. I nod my head for this game of his.
“All right! I will defeat this Aragami and she will be all over me.”
I giggle seeing Kota already fantasize of how Sakuya will give him a victory kiss.

Today, Kota and I go on a mission together to defeat orgetail Agrami. This is the perfect opportunity to start our contest. Kota and I agreed we will split up. I saw an Aragami in my sight and change my god arc into a gun blasting it off for it to tumble. I change it back to a blade and slice it. I devour the core. I had three Agragami defeated. I hear Kota scream. I rush right over there and see Kota was outnumbered. I quickly make my way and begin attacking.
“You save my bacon,” he said lifting up his gun.
“Stay on your toes,” I told him.
Kota begin firing. I begin slicing. We both team attack hitting all the Aragami.
“Mission Complete!” said Kota thumbs up.
I gave him back in return.
“So, should we call this a tie?” he said.
I gave him a light punch on the arm and he laugh.

“Nice work, you  two,” said Sakuya crossing her arms sitting on a couch. Kota was drooling all over his eyes seeing him looking at her from head to toe. I shake my head.
“Keep it up the good work,” said Lindow ruffle both of our heads.
Kota seems dislike the head patting. I was fine with it.
“By the way, Dr. Sakaki needs you both in his office,” said Sakuya.
“Oh no! We forgot we have class today,” said Kota whined.
“Well, good luck you two,”said Sakuya wave us goodbye as we head to the elevator.

Kota try to stay awake seeming nodding off and waking up. I zone out after hearing Arcology. Dr. Sakaki didn’t take us lightly when we weren’t paying attention to his lecture. He kept us more an extra hour hearing another lecture of staying awake in class.

Lindow assign me another mission. I was going meet another member of Unit 1. He told me I met him once before. I try to remember who it was. I was sent out in the chopper to the location of City of Mercy. There, I saw two God eater standing there and talking to each other. I walk over. The guy in the red hair with a lot of marking from his front bare chest with a red short jacket.
He runs over to me before I can go over to them.
“Sup! My name is Eric.” He flip his hair trying to be cool getting that sparkle effect on him.
“I'm one of the best God Eater around.” He states.
“Eric! Look out!” said another God eater.
An orgretail jump on Eric out of nowhere and devour him. I jump back in shock. The other Godeater swing his blade getting away from him. It was too late.
“Why you standing around? Are you a God eater or not?”
I draw my weapon and begin attack the aragami that kill Eric.

I look at the aragami and Eric seeing their terrible fate. The other God eater pore his weapon at me carefully seeing his gaze at me. I recognize the God eater. He was the scary guy that walk pass me.
“Out here, you need to keep your guard. If not.....” He glance over at Eric. “You don’t want to be that guy.”
I look at Eric laying lifeless. The other God eater didn’t give me his name. He turn his back examining the area. I put my hands together and pray Eric’s spirit for his passing and hardworking he has made. I may not have known him. At least, let him be at peace.
“Hurry up,” said the God eater. I look back at the God eater and walk over to him.
“For starters, my name is Soma. I don’t really care about your name. I will like to cut the chit-chat and finish the mission. I didn’t came here to baby-sit.”
He knows how to make first impressions.
“Today, you’re leading. You better not slow me down.”
I try not to glare at him finding myself wanting to punch him but he’s my comrade so I must be calm.

Soma had a strange way of fighting from what I see from other god eaters.  I didn’t complain. Soma have his way of fighting and I have mine. The aragami were clear. Soma report to Hibari finishing our mission and also one casualty. Hibari was shock over the intercom. She kept herself professional.
“All right, I’ll send in a chopper.”
I couldn’t help wanting to go back, but Soma told me to forget about him. He’s dead. He was getting on my nerves. Soma suggest he’s going to have a look around. Thank goodness, he did. I was inches away of punching his face. I calm myself down by humming myself a tune that I remember.

People mourn for Eric’s death. Some people knew him as a rich boy who takes everything lightly. They didn’t speak ill of him. He had a family. A father and a little sister. They visit to see their son. No one knows how to report to them. Hibari took them to a private room.
“Another decent God eater,” said Lindow. “I'm sorry, you had to witness your comrade fall into battle.”
It shock me that my body couldn’t move for a moment until Soma order me to fight back.I'm a bit annoyed that he’s in unit 1.
“You should get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day,” said Lindow. I gave him a nod and walk away waiting for the elevator.
“Another lost soul.”
I look over seeing a women short white hair with purple lipstick. She look at me.
“Hey, new recruit make sure you stay on your guard. We don’t want to lose you too.”
The elevator came as we walk inside. The women spoke of Eric. She doesn’t know him personally, but seen him around in the food court munching on fries with his pals.
The elevator ding to her floor.
“Already? Well, it’s nice talking to you. My name is Gina. I hope we can partner up in the battlefield.”
I nod my head as the door close heading up to my floor.

The whole teammate of unit 1 are all present in the main lobby.
“Now, we are all gather. Let’s go on this mission as a team,” said Lindow smiling with pride with hands on his hips.
Soma cross his arm not wanting to be involve with any communication with us. Sakuya and Kota admires of Lindow’s pride. I just came along for the ride.

Lindow assign a mission that was harder than Kota and I ever face. We’re facing an ghboro ghboro. A fish-like monster.
“The enemy is weakness to fire,” Sakuya reported.
“So, this guy is scare of the heat,” says Lindow grinning.
The monster was drinking in the lake.
“Can we go finish it off?”  said Soma impatient.
Kota hold his tongue. Thank goodness, I brought my fire katana for this mission. We wait on Lindow’s signal when we attack. The monster is roaming around  absentmindedly not know where we are.
“Now!” said Lindow.
We all jump at it with our attacks.

“Good job team!” said Lindow not breaking a sweat. Kota sat down panting, “that was some workout.”
I was panting too.Lindow, Sakuya and Soma weren’t panting heavily as Kota and I were. It makes sense they were use to this kind of thing.
“How about free food? Everything’s on me,” saif Lindow.
“Yes!!!!” Kota put his fist in the air.
“I would like a full meal after this victory,”said Sakuya stretch her arms.
“Count me out,” said Soma roughly.
“Buzz kill,” said Kota murmur.
“Come on, Soma. At least do it for the rookies. They have been doing amazing job,” said Lindow.
“I could care less,” he answers back.
Lindow defensively put his arm up as Soma leaves the group.
“Is he always like that?” said Kota.
“Yeah...,. But he’s a good kid,” said Lindow.
Kota lean over to my ear, “where?”
I shrug. I can’t wait to go back and eat.
God Eater Blood of a Aragami Chap 2
The protagonist is meeting the members of Unit 1 and getting use to be an God Eater. So far, it's been going well until a comrade fall into action.

Good luck ReadersManaka Waving Hand Icon

Chapter 3:…
I took a deep breathe before entering what may change my life. I walk in the double doors that automatically open for me. There was one machine in the center of the room. Up above, there were people inside watching me. A voice answer from the mic, “you may proceed.” I walk over to the machines hearing the echoes of my boots. I look at the blade resting on the machine.
“Put your arm.”
I put in my right arm. The machine attach to my wrist. I feel the pain inside of it taking my arm. I hold on a little longer.
“It will be over soon.”
The voice wasn’t reassuring. The machine release my arm. I had my hand onto the blade as I raise it high. I had a bracelet but call an armlet. It’s attach to my wrist. I saw something a dark aura around this armlet and the blade connecting within me.
“Congratulations, you are a officially a new type God eater. We will see great promise in your future.”
I bow my head out of respect to my authorities. I turn around walking out carrying a blade in my hand call a god arc. This is it. I am a officially a God Eater. There’s no turning back. This is my life.

I was told to wait in the lobby until I was assign to what unit I’ll be in. I saw a boy, my age with orange hair. He saw me. I try to look away, but it was too late.
“Hey, are you also a god eater? I'm starting today too.” He grin at me. I nod my head.
“We should stick together since we’re both new. My name is Kota.”
I reply giving my name.
“I like your name! It gives off that cool vibe.”
Kota chats away. I listen. I say few little words such as yes, okay and oh. I wasn’t much of a talker. Kota is interesting character.
“Stand up!”
Kota and I jump to our feet. A women walking over to us with her high heels and clipboard in her hand. She held her head high gazing at us, examining us of what kind person we are.
“Before I test you, I need medical examination. The medical room is in the second floor down the hall. You won’t miss it. Did I make myself clear?” She stomp on her heel.
“Yes ma’am!” We both yell in sync. She walk away going back to her work.
“That...was scary,” said Kota.
I nod my head in agreement.
“Well, partner ready to go?”
Kota lock my arm and drag me away to the elevator to go to the medical room.

We report to the women. Her name is Tsubaki. She told us we have to go through a test before we be assign to what unit we going to be in. She put up first heading to the training room. They put a monster. We call them aragami. This aragami is a low level. I took it seriously knowing Tsubaki is watching me through the window intently how I do. I show her what I got. I use my god arc swinging my blade, then switching my blade to a gun shooting at the aragami. I dodge the aragami attacks, and finally devour them getting the core after the aragami is finish.
“Training is over,” she announce.
I walk out and Kota praise me giving me a slap on my back.
“Awesome!” He said giving me thumbs up.
“You were like whoosh and then you were bam!”
I giggle seeing Kota’s reenactment. Tsubaki shouts, “Stop your foolishness and get in there!”
“Right! Sorry!” Kota run inside the training room. I watch behind the window.
“I'm impressed,” said Tsubaki. I look at her. She was watching Kota.
“Thank you....” I softly said.
“But you need work on guarding yourself. Attack at full force can cause recklessness. Guard if necessary.”
I nod my head taking a mental note in my head. I watch Kota sending out his gun. I realize Kota can use a gun while I can use a blade and a gun.
“You’re a new type. You are the only who can do things special.  we old type can’t. we expect high expectations. Not just you, him too,” Tsubaki points at Kota. Kota is jumping for joy defeating the aragami. What kind of power do I have?

Tsubaki assign both Kota and I in the same unit. The unit we are assign is unit 1. Kota and I wait for the team leader. Kota talks about his sister and his mother. He was smiling as he talks about them. I nod my head listening to him. I can tell he’s close with his family.
“Sorry, I’m late.”
Kota and I saw a man with black hair and a brown long jacket. I can smell some kind of cigarette on him.
“It’s good to see fresh new meat,” he laughs.
Kota and I didn’t laugh. We felt the impression of a team leader being strict and professional. He wasn’t what we expected.
“Today, I will show you the ropes of fighting an aragami.”
“Sweet!” said Kota.
“That's the spirit!” He said. “By the way, I’m Lindow. The team leader of Unit 1. I can’t wait to see what kind of person you are in the battlefield.” He looks at me with vexing eyes. I avert his eyes. I guess he knows I was a new type.

“I’ll let you take command today,” Lindow put his hands on my shoulder.
“What!?”  said Kota took the words out of my mouth.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have your turn. It’s not only about combats. It’s also about taking charge of the situation. You going to have comrades in your team. There are times they need a leader to show them the way. Are you ready?”
I nod my head. Lindow ruffle my hair.
“Very obedient,” he comment. “No need to be nervous. We are all comrades.”
Lindow put his weapon over his shoulders.
“Before we proceed, I have a rule.”
Kota and I perk our ears.
“You have three orders: Don't die. If your number's up, get out. Lastly, hide. If you're lucky, catch the enemy off guard and blast it. Wait, is that 4?”
Kota and I took each other glances of wondering what kind of team leader do we have.

We begin our search for an aragami at an abandoned city. I didn’t order anything so far. Lindow and Kota follow my lead to whatever I was walking. I didn’t like the setup of me being a leader. We hear a roar. We run over to the sound seeing an aragami ogretail fighting with each other.
“What’s your order, rookie,” said Lindow.
“Um...” My first thought is attack. We should be caution.
“Go with your gut,” said Lindow.
I look back at Lindow and Kota. I thought of a way.
“ um...,Kota I want you to use your gun. Lindow and I will give them a surprise attack.”
“There you go! Talking like a real leader!” said Lindow praise me. Kota claps his lightly but not too loud. My cheeks flush.

Our plans was in motion. Kota starts to fire his gun at the aragami making them startle. There’s our cue. Lindow and I slash the aragami from behind and devour their core. The blood splatter all over us. The aragami soon disintegrate into the ground.
“Disgusting isn’t it,” said Lindow looking at my expression and  Kota.
“Yuck! They smell bad,” said Kota.
Kota was right. I felt even goo in their blood. I try to get it off as much as I could.
“I’m proud of you both.”
Kota and I look at each other and smile accomplishing our first mission together.

The day was over. We head back to the den, our quarters. I didn’t get to see my room nor did Kota. We took the elevator leading up to the rookies section. We walk out of the elevator and into the hallway. We check the numbers of the doors. I found my room at the end of the hall. Kota room is right next to mine. We’re doormates. Kota jump for joy to find out we’re neighbors. We say good night. I walk into my room seeing how nice and refine it is. I didn’t have much with me just clothes, tooth brush, little of food I bring and books. I collapse to the bed feeling fluff of my pillow. I sink in going into a deep sleep.

Kota and I had a class with Mr. Sakaki. He makes a long lecture about what is a aragami and the aegis project. Kota had a hard time keeping himself awake. I listen and doze off a bit. Mr. Sakaki puts me back on when he ask me a question. It’s interesting, but long. Class was over. Kota yawn as we leave heading to the lobby.

“Sleep well?” said Lindow comfortable sitting on the couch putting his arm out and putting his foot up on the table.
“More or less,” said Kota.
Lindow glance at me and I nod my head to his answer.
“This is only the beginning you two.”
“What are we doing today!?” said Kota with eyes brighten up.
“Woah, woah down boy,” said Lindow.
“Your task today is......” He paused giving the suspense. Kota was about to explode from anticipation.
“Make new friends!”
Kota and I nearly fainted with that excuse.
“Shouldn’t we fight those monsters,” said Kota.
“Yes, but you also need comrades in the field. You can’t just go out there by yourself.”
Lindow had a point. Aragami go in numbers especially bigger ones.
“Fine,” said Kota sighs.
“And remember be yourself. Your comrades are your family.”

Kota and I walk away from Lindow.
“How about we do a little game?”
I look at Kota seeing his devious face.
“In this way, It’ll be more exciting.”
I wait for his answer if what kind of game we’re playing.
“Whoever makes the most friends, buys the person free lunch.”
Kota put his hand out. I took his hand. We took a shake on it.
“Great! I was worried you might say no.”
I thought so too then I thought why not.
“See you, buddy.” Kota left already attacking his first prey. I look around to see who can I talk to first.
I jump a bit looking over my shoulder seeing a boy with a blue sweater hoodie. He was taller than me. I saw little of his hair peeking out from his hood was platinum blond hair.  He glare at me and I avert his gaze.
“Sorry....” I move out of his way. He walks away with his God arc over his shoulders. I watch him go. Scary....I thought.
“Don’t mind him,” said Lindow put his hands on my shoulder from behind. I look at Lindow.
“He acts like that to anyone. Anyway, made a new friend yet?”
I shake my head.
“Well, you better hurry. That rookie is beating you.”
I look around seeing Kota talking to these two guys buying some items.
“Loosen up,” Lindow gave me a little push. I tumble hitting someone’s back with my face. I quickly recover and apologize.
“No need, are you a new recruit?”
I look up seeing a boy with little spike of Brown hair.
“Y-yes,” I answer.
“No need to be formal. My name is Brenden. I’m in the second unit. We are the defense unit.”
I gave him my name and told him what unit I was.
“You’re in Lindow’s team. You’re lucky.”
I tilt my head on the side.
“Lindow is well respected around here. He save my butt many times. Be sure to follow his rules. Anyway, I should go. Feel free to call me if you need me in the field.”
He walks away giving me a wave. I wave at him back. I just made a new friend. I smile the thought of it.
“Are you a new recruit?”
I turn around seeing a girl with a white short hair and goggles top of her head.
I nod to her question.
“My name is Licca. I’m the mechanic for God’s arc. If you want me to check on your weapon, I’ll be glad to fix it up.” She smiles at me.
“It’s good to see new fresh face around here. Lately, it’s hard to find good people to help us in the field. I'm glad.”
She fluster realizing what she's saying.
“Sorry, sorry. Just ramblings. Anyway, feel free to come by in my mechanic room in the basement. Gotta go bye.”
She left in a hurry.
I look around the area seeing different people who are God eater. Everyone are so close with each other. I saw two guys laughing drinking a can of soda. A guy with a red jacket speaking to the operator trying to get her attention. Two girls sitting on the couch chat away and giggling. It feels like home.
“Found you!”
Kota took me out of thought and gave me a light slap on my back.
“So, how many friends did you made?”
I put my fingers up.
“Two!” He said.
I nod in confirmation.
Kota smile with pride.
“Well, I made plenty. You owe me a free lunch.”
He smile. I roll my eyes and giggle a bit. I gave up in defeat. I treat Kota out for lunch.
God Eater Blood of a Aragami Chap 1
The story will follow based on the game. well, some of it. Right now, The protagonist is starting a new life as a God Eater, New Type. It goes in depth with the story of getting to know your comrades and untold secrets. I will update soon as I can writing this story. I'm not sure if the story will lead to romance. It depends where it goes from here.

Good luck Readers Kaori Miyazono Smiling Icon

Chapter 2:…
Unit 1 had finish yet another mission. We made it back to the den alive.
“Good job team!” said Lindow, the team leader.
Kota stretch his arm in the air, “that was nothing!” Kota is my first friend and always upbeat. He never fails to make me laugh.
Alisa roll her eyes and smile a bit. Alisa use to take everything seriously. Now, She’s starting to warm a bit to us.
Soma click his teeth. Soma likes to distance himself from others. I don’t know why nor Kota and Alisa. The only people who knew him long are Lindow and Sakuya. Kota heard it and ignore his attitude.
“Hey, Rookie are you with us?”  said Lindow wave his hands over my face.
I gave him a nod hearing his response.
Lindow pats my head, “if you have something on your mind, don’t be afraid to speak your mind.”
I gave him a reassuring smile. Kota and Alisa glance at each other. Soma glance over at me and Lindow. I reassure him I was fine. I walk over to the elevator to go back to my headquarters. It never fail pass Lindow that he notice something was wrong. Not just Lindow, my comrades notice it too even Soma.

I haven’t get much sleep. My mind was somewhere thinking about my purpose of being a God eater. I thought about amount of people who comes back and don’t come back at all. Lindow told me to take the day off to clear my head. I went over to my Terminal. I put on some music to see if I can drown into music. Thank goodness it works.

“Care to tell me what’s wrong with our little rookie,” said Lindow put his weapon over his shoulders. Alisa and Kota shake their heads having no clue.
“What about you, Soma?”
Soma looks at him and shrugs. He didn’t know either.
“She didn’t seem like herself for past couple days,” said Alisa putting her left hands on her hips.
“I'm worried about her. We often stay up late at night watching our favorite show. I miss her,” said Kota hang his head low.
“We have a mission not a therapy session,” said Soma not looking at anyone.
Kota hold his tongue. Lindow smirks.
“ don’t be ashame, Soma. You’re worried about her too. Our rookie is not here to show her smiling face.”
“I’m glad she’s out.”
“Ouch,” said Lindow.
Kota burst out, “take that back!!!!”
The Aragamis heard the commotion finding the whereabouts of the team.
“Oops,” said Kota.
“Nice going!” said Soma draw his weapon.
“Well, we can see the bright side of this,” said Lindow.
The Aragamis roar at them. The team disperse and attack them.

I got out of my room and ask Hibari, the operator to the team’s mission.
“How’s my team?”I ask her.
“How you feeling?” She said.
“I'm okay.”
“Unit one are on their way home.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Hey new type!”
I turn around seeing other God eater types. I’m call the new type. I have these abilities that other God eater can’t do. It’s me and Alisa are the only new type in this branch. It gets tiring hearing this.
“Yes?” I said.
“We have a mission for you.”
“Sorry, not today.”
“No, this is an order.”
I didn’t like their tone. I couldn’t disobey since they are higher ranking than me. Hibari didn’t like what she’s hearing.
“She’s taking her day off,” said Hibari.
“Her day off is cancel. We need her to take on a solo mission.”
I didn’t like taking on solo mission. I'm fine with someone with me in support.
“May I ask? What is this mission?” I said.
“There’s unidentified aragami. We would like for you to defeat it.”
“ no!” said Hibari. “If there’s unidentified aragami, the researchers can handle this.”
“We’ll bring them along with the new type God eater.”
“I can’t do this alone,” I said.
“You’re a new type. You can handle this. Why do you think you are so special around here?”
Ever since I join this branch, the people look at me like this or praise for being lucky to have this power. I don’t like it. I came here to serve under Fenrir and save humanity.
“I'm sorry,” I bow my head in respect. He didn’t take so lightly. I lift my head and he grab my collar. He lift me up from the ground. Hibari gasp.
“Listen here, you freak.”
I look at him seeing his eyes with anger and hatred towards me. He’s jealous of me. I had the power he couldn’t have. Of course......

Soma pulls me in and kicks the guy in the stomach.
“You’re in my way,” he said. I look at Soma on the side of his face. His eyebrows are forward downward. His mouth is crook. Is he mad? Is he mad for me?! Soma is very cold. He hardly ever warms up. He tends to shrugs, gives you glares and says some daring things. This shock me. He save me!?

Soma look at me. Oh boy, he’s angry at me. I'm worse than the guy being kick.
“And you.....” He states.
I close eyes ready for whatever Soma throws at me. I felt a hand top of my head.
“Don’t stand there like an idiot.”
I open my eyes seeing him making a rare smile. Am I dreaming? He’s smiling at me. Soma never smiles.
“Are you okay?” I ask.
Soma turn his head let go of me and pull his hood hiding his expression.
“You are always causing me trouble....” He grumble.
Soma may be blunt, but he cares. He doesn’t want to show it.
I turn around Alisa and Kota tackle me a hug.
“Are you okay, pal?” said Kota.
“You jerk!” said Alisa screaming at the guy that was just kick by Soma.
The guy is lift himself back up to his feet dusting off his clothes.
“Oh, great her circus are here,” the guy.
Alisa was bursting with anger. Kota held her back.
“I will rip you guys apart for hurting our friend,” said Alisa shouting.
“What’s all the commotions?”
Lindow walks in with Sakuya by his side.
The guy looks down seeing Lindow. Lindow is respected in this branch. He save many lives helping them on their missions.
The guy retreats with his crew.
Lindow whistles, “ bummer, I want to see a fight.”
Sakuya slaps his arm.
“Kidding,” he says.
Lindow looks at me, “our rookie feeling better.”
“A bit,” I answer truthfully.
Sakuya tends to me, “want to talk about it?”
Sakuya is like mom to me. I can't tell her that. She might get mad. She rest her hand on my shoulder.
“Come on, I’ll make hot cocoa.”
“Can I come?” said Alisa raise her hand.
“Me too!” said Kota jumping up and down.
“No boys allowed!” said Alisa turning him down.
Kota cross his arm and pouted, “no fair.”
Soma roll his eyes. Sakuya, Alisa and I walk away from the boys walking to Sakuya quarters.
“What a daring rescue, Soma,” said Lindow.
“S-Shut up!” He said walking away.
Kota was confused by Lindow’s comment and Soma’s sudden outburst.

“I understand,” said Sakuya nods her head holding cup of hot chocolate.
Alisa didn’t spoke. She fell silent hearing my problem.
I look at my cup steaming hot.
“Everyone goes through this,” said Sakuya set her cup down.
I look at her, “I just feel...... tired.”
Sakuya pats my hand, “honey, we all been through this. It’s understandable to have these thoughts. You are a God eater. We are fighting our lives every day.”
“It’s just scare me. I just didn’t want to worry you guys about these thoughts I have.”
Alisa wrap her arms around me, “ you are our friend and family. If anything bothers you, we are here for you.”
I rest my head on Alisa’s shoulders, “I'm sorry.”
My tears fall. I couldn’t stop them from falling. Sakuya and Alisa comfort me until I stop crying. It took me awhile to gather my strength. Sakuya put on a movie for me I can enjoy to keep my spirits up. Alisa tries to tell me a joke, but she fail at it. I think Kota is rubbing off on her. I’m happy to have friends like them to keep me company.

“Morning!” I smile brightly.
“Our little ray of sunshine,” said Lindow sitting on the couch giving me a wave. All of unit 1 was here. Sakuya is sitting next to Lindow. Soma sitting at the arm chair. Kota and Alisa rush over to me when they saw me.
“It’s good to see you,” said Kota patting my back.
“Hey, Captain can she go with us on the mission,” said Alisa turn her head over her shoulder.
“Already in,” I said.
Kota and Alisa smile to see me. I was back in action.
Lindow lean in to Sakuya.
“What did you talk to her?”
Sakuya gleam, “girl talk.”
“Come on! I’ll give you a free beer.”
Sakuya roll her eyes, “that never happen.”
“Joking aside, will she’ll be okay?”
“Yeah, we had a long talk. She was having those thoughts that every god eater has.”
“Poor kid,” said Lindow looks at me laughing with Kota and Alisa.
Soma stood up and walk over to the the three rookies.
“Oh, our boy is warming up,” said Lindow.
Of course, Soma say something disrespectful. Kota retaliate.
“Soma got a long way to go,” said Sakuya.
“This is new,” said Lindow saw me step forward to Soma.
“They look good together,” said Sakuya tease.
“Our boy soma and our little sun together?” said Lindow with one eyebrow up.
“Look at them.”
I bow my head and thanking Soma for saving me. Soma turn his head grumble.
“ let’s make a fun out of this,” Lindow grins. “Get a room you two!”

I look at Lindow with my face burning hot.
Soma shouts at him, “we have a mission to start.” Soma walks on ahead. I'm left frozen of the thought of me and Soma together.

“You just broke my little girl,” said Sakuya stood up from her seat.
Lindow shrugs, “ hey, we got a reaction.”
Alisa and Kota try to wake me up fanning over my steaming red face.

I was back to my old self. I fight aragami, come back home alive and have relaxing time with my comrades. Having relaxing moments with your comrades are the rarest. We don’t think about fighting just fun.

“Soma,” I call seeing him drinking can of soda in the hallway of the Veteran’s section.
He looks at me. He didn’t look annoy. That’s a good sign.
“What is it?”
“I need some advice on tactic skills for tomorrow’s mission.”
Lindow assign Soma and I for tomorrow mission. It’s rather out of the blue.
“Fine,” he said.
We went to my quarters in the Rookie’s section. He goes to the terminal looking at my items, God arc skills and materials.
I didn’t want to breathe over his shoulder and watch. I let him do his work as I pour cup of water.
“You have terrible taste of materials.”
I mentally sigh. There may be some sarcasm here and there. They weren’t bad.
“Water?” I show him.
He looks at me and cup of water. He took it.
He thank me?
Soma went back to work. I just go through the books of the aragami we are facing.
I check their weakness and what’s their form of attack. Soma finish what he’s doing and peek over what I was doing. I didn’t notice him looking over.
I mutter to remind myself what weapon I should use.
“Buy some divine bullets,” said Soma.
He surprise me as I look at him. He sits on on my couch with our knees touching.
“You need to upgrade your weapons. They getting rusty and can be easily broken if not taking well.”
I nod my head.
“Items are short. Buy them at the merchants. I can’t take care of you if you’re down. Aragami is enough problems.”
I wrote everything down what Soma says except the sarcasm.
“Thanks Soma,” I smile at him.
Soma didn’t look away this time from me. He stare at me not speaking. My cheeks heat up. Usually, he looks away. He just stare at me. Is something my face?
“You are strange one,” he bluntly says.
And.... He’s back.
“Thanks for helping me. I don’t want to burden you.”
Soma didn’t say word just stood up.
“Oh, you going,” I said seeing him walking over to the door.
He stop his motions. He turns around and put his forehead against mine. I didn’t move. I look down to the ground.
“Look at me.”
I look at him. He looks angry. Oh dear..... What did I do?
“All you have to do is live. I don’t care how many times you fall. Run or shout my name. I want you to be alive.”
His hands touch mine. He looks at my eyes.
“Close it.”
I obey. I never seen Soma like this.
My lips were press. I open seeing Soma is kissing me!? Soma! The Soma. I didn’t kiss him back. I’m shock he’s kissing me. He never show any sign of affection. He brush me off just like he does with Alisa and Kota.
When he open his eyes and realize what he did. He pull himself away, turns around facing his back towards me and pull his hood hiding his face.
“What did you put in the drink?”
Did he just blame water for this? I hid my laugh. I wrap my arms around his waist. He didn’t push me back. He place his hand in mine.
“I’m not familiar with this feeling. I never had it.”
“It’s love,” I answer for him.
He shakes his head, “ it can’t be.”
“Why el-” I stop. I don’t want to bring up the kiss. It’s already embarrassing enough I'm hugging him.
“Release me.”
I let him go.
He face me. He looks determine. I couldn’t face him averting my eyes from him.
“I want to test this,” he says.
He kiss me again. At first, we were both stiff about it. Couple minutes after, he slowly wrap his arms around me. The kiss last longer. He didn’t break away. I could feel his hand caress my hair. My cheeks are burning and my ears. We both broke away for air. Soma and I turn around. We were too embarrassed to face each other. I fan myself. Soma pull his hood couldn’t believe he just did. I'm thinking Soma and I kiss again!? My heart is beating so fast.
“Uh..... See you.” Soma leaves my quarters. I saw him go from his back side. He close the door behind him. I walk over to lock the door. I put my forehead against the door.
“Good night.”
I hear Soma over the door. I didn’t know what to say.
“You too.” I cover my mouth. There goes my cool points. Soma snicker and walks away down the hall back to his quarters.

Alisa,Kota and Sakuya were at Alisa’s quarters and saw Soma come out of my door.
“Did you saw that!?” said Kota.
“Lindow owes me a beer,” said Sakuya.
“We shouldn’t assume,” said Alisa.
Kota runs to my door and knock.
“Open up! Open up!”
I open the door.
“Idiot!” Alisa slap Kota’s arm.
The three stood in my door with curious eyes.
“Is something the matter?” I ask.
“We got four words,” said Kota. “S-O-M-A”
My face heat up.
The three squeal seeing their eyes sparkle.
They pull me inside my quarters wanting the details. I couldn’t run away from them. I spill the beans. Sakuya knew it will happen. Alisa notice I had some type of feeling for Soma even though I didn’t notice. Kota didn’t accept it since he doesn’t like Soma. Sakuya raise the question that I didn’t think of.
“Are you two officially boyfriend and girlfriend?”
I look at her, “I don’t know.”
“What do you mean? You two kiss,” said Alisa.
“Yeah, Soma told me he never had this feeling of love before. I just found out myself that I like Soma. This is sort of new to both of us.
“I just can’t believe Soma kiss you,” said Kota.
“Are you jealous?” said Alisa.
“No! We talking about Soma who hates to party.”
“I do agreed. It’s unlike Soma to kiss you first. I assume you did.”
Sakuya giggle, “ you three haven’t notice. Soma is changing because this little cupcake change him.” She’s pointing at me.
“You always treat him as a friend. You were growing on him. He starts to take notice of you as a comrade even though he hates to admit it. It was cute seeing him watch you.”
“Watch her?” said Kota.
“Have you guys not notice when our little cupcake is down in battle? Soma is the first one to aid her.”
Alisa, Kota and I thought about the missions we face and we did a “oh”
“It was cute. He even save you from those nasty jerks. It’s like watching a fairy tale.”
“I don’t accept this, as long you are happy. I'm happy,” said Kota.
“Tell us if Soma makes you cry, we take a beating for you,” said Alisa.
“You guys.....”
“Soma know his words carefully when he speaks to our sunshine,” said Sakuya.  
“Speak carefully?” I said.
“Soma does speak harshly but to you. He pick his words carefully. Remember when you two first meet.”
I cover my face in shame, “yes.”
“What happen?” said Alisa.
“That’s right! You weren’t with us. I and our pal were starting out as God eater. We got to meet our team. She greet Soma. Soma ignore her. He told her that she looks weak. He made her cry,” said Kota.
“She cry for days,” said Sakuya giggle.
“You guys are terrible,” I grumble.
“did Soma apologize?” said Alisa.
“Lindow force Soma to apologize,” said Sakuya. “Until that time, he use his words carefully. Of course, our little darling got use to Soma ways.”
“His words are not meant to be mean. It’s another of way expressing his words. When he told me I was weak. I realize what he meant at that time. My weapon I have wasn’t proper. I realize that during that first mission we did. At that time, I saw Soma words aren’t sarcasm just his way telling you of his sincerity.”
My friends look at me in awe.
“You love him,” said Sakuya.
I blush, “pardon?”
“Tell me what do you like about him?”
Alisa and Kota nod their heads wanting to know.
“Um....” What do I like about Soma.
“His smile.”
“Smile?” said Kota.
“I... can’t say much details. I like his smile. I want to protect his smile. I want to see it again.”
“Soma.... Smile?” said Kota.
I nod.
Sakuya giggles, “ we should hit the sack.”
They begin leaving my quarters. I stay a bit studying on the aragami.

Soma knocks on Lindow’s door. Lindow open seeing Soma’s trouble expression.
“This is new. You never come to my quarters?” said Lindow.
“I kiss her.”
“I kiss her!”
Lindow eyes widen as Soma invite himself in to Lindow quarters.
“You kiss the rookie”
“Who else?”
“Well, there’s Alisa and Kota.”
Soma glare at Lindow
“I know not helping.”
“I don’t know what’s going on with me?”
“Dude, calm down. You have the cause of love.”
“She said that too.”
“What the problem?”
“I... I just don’t want to mess up.”
“Ohhhh, crushing her heart.”
“I don’t know where to start.”
Lindow start up his cigarette.
“May I ask what compelled you to kiss her?”
“I...I don’t know.”
Lindow whistles, “you just happen to randomly kiss her.”
“No! There was this pain in my chest. We spoke. She smile at me. My heart beat so much. I said something to her. I knew I hurt her. She’s trying so hard. I didn’t want her to be discourage. I just kiss her.”
“you felt bad for her.”
“I kiss her again.”
Lindow cough forgot to puff out his smoke.
“Twice,” he coughs.
“That time, I wanted her. I never felt that. I didn’t want to let go.”
“You have it bad for her. I'm proud of you.”
Lindow realize he owe Sakuya a beer.
“What are you two now?”
“What do you mean?”
“Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”
Soma fold his hands, “ I'm not sure.”
“You should speak to her about your relationship to her. If you two miscommunicate, it leads to disaster.”
Soma thought about it.
“I'm still new to this feelings. I'm not sure if I want us to go further.”
“Soma, it’s okay to fall in love. Give it a shot. You might find something new about yourself. Besides, you have adorable rookie that can make you smile.”
Soma chuckles, “don’t think about stealing her away from me.”
“She’s like a daughter to me. Keep an eye on Kota. He’s close with her than any guy.”
“True, thanks for the talk.”
Soma leaves. Lindow smiles, “ I feel old.”

Soma and I sort out our feelings after the mission. We agreed to take everything slow. We were new to our feelings. We didn’t became boyfriend and girlfriends. We just friends dating each other. It makes sense to us. Our friends cooed at us now. Soma will get mad at them. I just can’t believe we are together. I get surprise Soma comes over at night to my quarters and just to see me. It’s funny. He knocks on my door. He flusters avert my eyes. He walks in and sit in my couch. He says nothing. He sits up straight with folded hands. I giggle how stiff he was and nervous. I spoke with him about missions, weapons and items. He seems comfortable when we talk about that.

Everyday, I got to see Soma different side. I love every one of them. When we say our goodbye, he’ll give me a surprise kiss. He was trying to get use the kiss.
“Get a room!”
We pull apart seeing Kota and Alisa peek at the door with a grin on their face.
“This is not a show!” said Soma shouting at them.
They close the door. I hug Soma hearing his heart beat fast. It’s the same as mine.
“I love you.”
I cover my mouth. I look at Soma. His eyes widen. His face redden. I never seen him like that.
“” I fluster. I said those words.
He kiss me. He pull me back inside closing the door not pulling away the kiss. His kiss got stronger all of sudden. My leg were going numb. His arm wrap my waist. My arm wrap around his neck. He pull apart.
He whispers. My whole body melt from those words. He smiles. He whispers to my ear, “you are the only person for me.”
God Eater Soma X reader
Hi!!! It's been awhile.Honoka Smile Icon I have been so busy. I hope everyone is doing well. It makes me happy to come back here see all the comments. I'm getting back on track. It may take a awhile for me to update.

I recently got into God eater. I watch the anime and also playing God Eater Resurrection. The game is really cool. You get to customize your character. you have to fight these monsters. It's an interesting game. It's get difficult as you go further in the game. The anime is different from the game. They change some stuff from the game. Feel free to watch the anime.

I hope you enjoy this fanfic. Mirai Smile [V1] 

Good luck Reader-chan!Akari Akazaki (Oh yay) [V2] 
Persona 3 Portable: Minako by shygoodangel
Persona 3 Portable: Minako
I do not own the game, character or drawing. I like to work on photomanipulation the photos such as effects and combining two photos. Minako is the female main character in persona 3 portable. The game is awesome! 

Program: Picmonkey

How's everyone doing? I feel so bad I rarely come here. I want to say hi and I'm doing fine. I'm really sorry for late replies and requests.I'm trying my best. lately, I keep getting my work.#11 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  I hardly get any breaks.Otoya-Frustrated  I'm happy you guys are still here looking at my work time after time and favorite my work. I really appreciate it.Sanae Furukawa Emote (Clannad) - Smile  I understand some of you are still waiting for the updating fan fiction in some of my stories. Some are already been started and some needs to be work in progress. lately, Writers blocks has been taking over me.Mirai Pout  The photo manipulation...hmm...I have stopped for awhile. I would like to keep going but....Manaka Pout [V1]  that's right! I almost forgotChiyo Looks Icon  I understand some of my fanficition had some errors. I'm sorry for any errors in the writing. I keep forgetting to read them after I write.#38 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  If there's any errors on my work, please kindly tell me.:bademoticon:  I would love to go back and fix it. Also, I know it's finals weeks. Good luck to you all.#47 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  you guys can do it! Usagi and Ami Glomp Icon To new watchers! Welcome! #41 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  


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um...hello everybody, I'm shygoodangel. I'm very shy. I love anime and manga. I'm a fan of hetalia so I'm a hetalian . Ve~ I love writing stories such as fanfic I am doing now. I love drawing. I won't be uploading sorry. I'm very happy and love to laugh alot. I love watching videos from Pewdiepie those of you are Pewdipiw fans **brofist** I'm really happy to be here. I love to make people happy who love anime such as I do. I really hope you guys like my fanfic that I write. I really appreciate for you guys reading them. thank you for liking my work. thank you so much.

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