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January 20, 2013
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I swing back and forth watching trunks and goten were playing around as they were flying behind me pushing me from the swing. I watched them as I got closer or far away from them. I look down at my dangling feet not touching the ground. I sigh. I hear laugh behind me. Goten push me. I got higher seeing the blue skies. I look over my shoulder seeing goten laughing, "look, you're higher!" "g-g-goten!!" I scream. he grab on the chains pushing me up stilling holding on. He let go as I swing far back swinging downward and feel myself falling off the swing. I shrieked. I was caught by Trunks. "are you okay, ______" I opened one eye as I saw Trunks look at me. I blushed. I nodded. Trunks set me down. "Goten, you could almost have hurt her." "she's looked bored, "said Goten smiled. Trunks sigh. Goten laugh. I watched them. "how you guys know how to fly?" They look at me then at each other. They both shrugged and their face were saying, "I don't know." "it must be cool to fly," I sigh. Trunks lift me like in bridal style. "it be cool if you fly," said Trunks. I blushed. "yeah," said Goten agreed. Trunks hold me as he put me higher. I hold him tightly. "I like to go down now!" I closed my eyes. "come on, I won't let you fall like Goten," he glare at him. goten stick his tongue. He set me down to the ground. I was happy to feel the ground. "I know let's teach her," said Goten. "how?" said Trunks. I wonder the same thing. "Our fathers said it came from our chi," said Goten. "chi?" I cocked my head. "it's called, "energy," said trunks. I nodded. "close your eyes and focus on your chi," said Goten. "oh...okay," I closed my eyes. "think really hard," said goten. I closed my eyes tighter. I clutched my fist. I opened my eyes. I look down. I was still on the ground. I sigh. "no chi......" I mumbled. "there you guys are!" we looked up and saw Goku and Vegeta. "dad!!!" said Trunks and goten. I was scared of them. I watched them hug their fathers. Goku look at me. "dad, can you teach our friend how to fly?" said Goten. goku look at me with a a smile. Vegeta seemed to look at me with displeased on his face. goku walked over to me. I began to hesitate tried to avoid eye contact. "so you want to learn how to fly?" I nodded. "forget it, a mere human doesn't fly," vegeta yelled. I felt tears about to form. goku patted my head, "don't listen to him as long you believe you can do it and keep training you will get it." I look at him with a smile. I trusted his words. Vegeta rolled his eyes. "well, we'll be going," said Goku look at Vegeta. Vegeta rolled his eyes again. They left. Goten and Trunks fly over to me. "sorry about my dad, "said Trunks. I smiled and shake my head, "it's fine." "race you guys to that rock over there," said Goten. "you're on," said trunks. I nodded. they both fly very fast. I was the only one running slow. I saw the two getting farther away from me. I never thought how far away I was until now. I wasn't nowhere near them. I felt left behind as I stopped running. I watched them kept going. I know I wasn't never going to meet them at the top.

10 years later~

"Ladies and Gentleman put you're hands together for this big tournament!!!!" the spokesman said. the audience cheered. "where warrior from different planets come and fight each other to the championship." "here's our first round of the two warrior that are going to compete each other." the audience cheered even louder. "on my right is....... Squish fish!!!!" the alien looking came from the platform that was rising up. the alien raised his hand up as the audience go wild. "On my left is........(you're name)" the platform went up. you were pulling up you're hair into a pony tail. you stood in focus on you're target nothing else. The spokesman, "remember the rules no killing. now go!!!!" he moved out the way. I watched insensitively. "are you new?" he asked. I nodded. He grins, "well, it's too bad that you going to ring out." he came dashing. I waited for the right moment until I grab his punched and flip him over letting him off the ring. the audience cheered. "amazing!!! in one flip, She was spectacular." I walked off the stage quickly. the Spokesman was surprised I left. I went into the dark shadows. I sigh of relieved and I fell to the ground. I took off my ribbon. My heart was racing. "wahh!!! they were so many people," I flustered. "did I do good?" I sigh. I walked down to the lobby as I hid in the corner. My heart still race. I lean to the wall behind me. I smiled happily. My first tournament. I hear a voice. it was a guy. "you did well....." he said. I nodded and softly said, "thank you." I heard footsteps as it faded. I want to look at his face but I can't show anybody my weakness. I went to the waiting room. The Tv was on of the battle. there were warriors haven't fought yet. I look at the tv. there were some warriors are very good with their skills. I feared I might lose the next round. I saw each warrior win well not all. I left half way. I went to the fitness room where warriors train for the next round. there was  a tv there but I don't want to distract myself. I jumped and I was in mid-air. yes, I was flying. I tried to learn myself agility. I keep transport quickly as possible but ended up dizzy. I fell to the ground feeling light headache.

I went back to the waiting room. I look at the Tv. it seems our next round is up. I hear warriors snicking and laughing of who's getting next. They randomly chose as I waited. it stops. I saw myself v.s. with this other alien guy. He had three eyes. " I hope....I could win...." I mumbled. "well, wel, we are going to meet at the battle field," said the alien. "yes, I guess so...." I looked the other way. His name was Neme. He left. I began to tied up my hair into a pony tail again. Whenever I do this on battlefield, I felt like a different person. I wasn't shy or embarrassed but strong will and determined. I walked over to the platform that rose me up like last time as I wait for my name to be heard. The platform moved up like an elevator and the audience cheered as I saw Neme across my way. he grin. I didn't flinched. As the Spokesman said, "go!!!!" Neme came in full speed. My eyes blink once before I saw it coming. I stumbled back. He quickly attack as I dodge to the side kicking him in the back. Neme stumbled and uses his mind. I felt myself paralyzed. He lift me up. I grind my teeth. He laugh as he hit me to the ground and up in the air. I couldn't move. He let me go as I felt my body were weak not able to respond. I hear voices "remember you're chi" I stood as I hear it again. I felt energy overflow me as I dash to Neme attack him without a blink of an eye. Neme had enough as hold my arm twist it behind me like I was arrested. We both went up in the air spin me around as we go down. I knew his trick. I saw this once before. I rotated behind him. as I put my feet on top of his back of the head. I stretch out his arm like I was riding on him. We went down. the smoke dirt covered us as  the dust cleared. They saw me standing panting. the audience cheered. I fell on my knees and felt myself shaken but happy. I know it wasn't over.

I went to eat. I felt stares. I looked seeing the warriors stare at me. I look away. I hear mumbles, "she's the only women is still in a tournament." "only women?" I questioned. I grab my food. I went to the fitness watching the tournament as I saw. "The only women still stand is _______. I saw video of me fighting from round one and two." My face flushed, "what a bad angle they did....." "would she able to recovered?"  said the spokesman. I turn off the Tv. "maybe eating and training will help," I wondered. I began training and eat in the same time. I began to learn teleport more faster and faster than I ended up getting dizzy and feeling myself fell. I felt someone catch me. I was so dizzy. I didn't know who it was.
I woke up. I sit up. I was on the hammock. I felt my light headache came to me. I rub my forehead. I hear punching and huffing.this person sound like he was fighting. He was covered by the punching bag. I could only see his pants and sneakers. "um....." I began. He stopped. I was curious who he was. "it's been so long."
I jump off the hammock. "um....." I repeated. I didn't get what he was trying to say. "you left and all of sudden you come back after ten years." He revealed himself as he teleport in front of me. I jumped back. it was Trunks. "trunks!!" I yelped. He look at me, "What are you doing here?" I actually didn't expect him to come. it's been ten years. I left them without a word. "I want to get stronger," I said firmly. "are you crazy these warriors are one of the best," said Trucks hold his anger. "so what! I have grown stronger too." I never argue with Trunks when we were kids but back then, I kind of have a small crush on him. "these warriors are above you. that last round. you had low energy didn't you," he raised his voice. "yes! I was happy to fight," I yelled. He push me to the wall. he was inches to my face. My face blushed. He trapped me. He whispered to my ear, "you just let you're guard down." I bit my lip. I felt my face warm. I swing my fist at him. He dodge it. I began to fight him more. He kept dodging. He fly up away. I dash him in mid-air. He was surprised. I saw his eyes widen as I attack him. I realized what I had done. I hurt him. "sorry...." I ran off.

I was at the waiting room. I felt stares knowing I'm the only women competing. I sigh. I wonder who I'll go up against. I watch it moved quickly seeing me and...."trunks!!!" I screamed. the room look at me as my jaw dropped. "why him....." I mumbled. I turn around and saw Trunks. He look the other way. I went to a different direction. I stand on the platform. I was about to tied my hair. I didn't. something in me didn't feel like I should. I left it loose as the platform went up.  I saw Trunks opposite from me. We both walked forward. the spokesman said, "I feel heated attention." I saw Trunks glare. somehow, I had to turn away. "begin!" said the spokesman. Trunks quickly disappeared. I look around. I flip backwards as I saw Trunks dive in. "woah...." I gasped. he look at me and dash his way at me. He swing his fist. I shield myself as I stumbled back from his punches. I began dodging avoid his attacks. I panted. Trunks did not. I was getting tired. I flew mid-air. Trunks came at me. I try to fly away from him. I flew back to the ground. He caught my arm. He force me down on the ground. he pinned me down. the audience became silence. "what's this?" said the spokesman. I struggled, "let go of me!" I saw his stare, "why you not attacking me?" I look elsewhere. "I noticed you didn't tied you're hair up. you hardly focused. you're scared of me aren't you? tell me this! why you left ten years ago?" the audience got quiet. My tears overwhelmed me. His eyes widened. "you and goten were so faraway from me and I was always left behind. I wanted to catch up with you guys. I was so tired of being left out. seeing you guys do things I couldn't do. I was sad and felt like I was burden for the two of you." The audience began to felt sympathy. "idiot...." he mumbled. I look at him. "you don't know how we felt and how I feel....." he mumbled. I felt my face flushed, "let's...just fight!" he shakes his head, "if that's how you feel......" he kissed me. My eyes widen feeling my face warm. the audience cooed even the Spokesman. He released me. I rise up covered my mouth looking at him. "that's how I feel about you," he blushed looking elsewhere. Half of the audeience went "awwwwwww!" My face was boiled red.
"that's my son!!!" said Bulma in the stage. "awww, love" said Videl, chi-chi and Pan. Vegeta face palm feeling embrassed, "he got that from his mom." goku laughed, "yeah, yeah Vegeta we all know you never do this romantic." Vegeta yelled, "I could be romantic Karat!!" Goten smiled, "finally...."
"Trunks!" I whined looking at him embarrassed. He look at me with embarrassed. "stop looking at me like that," He covered his mouth. I smiled, "thank you." I kissed him back. he was surprised but returned. The audience cheered. the Spokesman was speechless. I released and hid in his chest, "I love you!!!" he whispered, "I love you too....."                        
um.....I really didn't expect to write this but I hope you enjoy it. Sorry, it's not like DBZ. It's been so long. remember DBz characters are not mine but Akira Toriyama. I make stories for fun. ^^
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