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you wobbled your way to Levi’s office. the door was cracked opened. you smiled to yourself. you wobbled your way to the chair behind the desk. you jump couple times to sit in Levi’s chair. you finally got it. you smiled to yourself able to be like Levi. you try to act serious. you even did the famous, “tch.” sound. you giggled trying to act like Levi. You were five or six yrs old. Levi adopted you. you look up to Levi almost like a father. You were still young. Levi just wanted to call you “Captain.”  You started to micmic like Levi.
“Cadwets!” you tried to act like Levi but failed to pronounce.
you hold yourself from giggling.
“I ordwer to clean dishes,” you commanded. you giggled some more. you look at his paper.
“oh!” you remember Levi writing some paper down when you came in here to play in his office. you were often scolded. You grabbed a paper. you saw something to write and use it. you were having fun with it. you didn’t know what you were doing. you had fun with it trying to act like Levi.

Levi message his temple as Hanji rants about the titans she discovered. all he wanted to do go to his office do some paper works. little did he know, the child was playing with his office. he walked in. he saw you messing around with his papers and have ink on your cheeks. Hanji look at Levi worried of his temper. You saw Levi.
“hi! Captain,” you gave him a big wide smile and waving your arms.
Levis eyebrow twitched.
“Hanji! look, I’m captain!” you folded your arms and acts serious.
Hanji flustered, “uh...very...nice..sweetie..uh..” Hanji look back at Levi ready to explode like Volcano about to erupt. you were pounding on the desk with excitement. Levi was ticking holding his anger. Hanji tried to calm you down. Levi finally snapped.
“ARE YOU AN IDIOT!!!!!!!” he yelled. you jumped and papers flies. you never saw Levi like this before not ever even with Cadets. he will act colds but this hurt you.
“I told you many times!!! don’t come in my office without my permission!!!!!” he screamed at you. Hanji was actually scared of Levi. she was about to call him down but this she couldn’t do anything but watch.
“now I have to do this all over again!!!!!! get through this your little childish mind!!!! act your age!!!!!!” he said walking over towards you. he pick you up like a cat and sets you down outside from his office. he slams the door from behind you and front of Hanji. she look at you.
“hey...” she crouched down to your level.
you held in your tears.  you knew Levi hates that alot. you held in so well Hanji was surprised you didn’t wailed yet.
“ I c-c-cry?” you stuttered as you look at your tiny feets.
Hanji smiled, “of course you can anytime you want.”
tears fall upon your cheeks as you hugged Hanji. Hanji hold you and pick you up walking towards her room. you cried and cried. Hanji didn’t let you go. it hurted you deeply. you love Levi like any family would like a daughter and father would. it came to a point. Levi had hated you. he probably doesn’t want to see you. that's what you assume. Hanji feel worried now. Levi should be more consider it because you are child and you weren't like any cadets.  you were young to even know what’s going on.

Levi sighs look at his messy office. he massages his temple.  “that...child...” he muttered. he started cleaning the papers. As he look through, he saw paper out of particular. It was a drawing. It was stick figures. Levi knew who you drew and also has the names on top. you didn’t know how to write correctly. he saw you and him hand in hand in your drawings. he did a “tch” sounds. he sits in the office starts to re-think what he did.

You slept with Hanji still in tears. Hanji was worrying about you all night. she didn’t sleep a wink. She felt hitting Levi on the head making you cry like this. Hanji carefully place you on her bed as she begins to make breakfast. you tossed and turn. you whimpered  a few times. Hanji had to rush in case you started crying. she was relieved you are just sleeping. she did find you adorable sleeping on her bed instead of Levi. “dang it that shortie, did that guy ever learn,” said Hanji shakes her head.

you woke up smell of food that Hanji is making. you get off of bed. you thought you were in Levi’s room. you took baby steps and peek your head seeing Hanji cooking. Hanji look and see you with your little tired face cutely looking at her. Hanji was happy with glee. “Don’t worry, almost done making breakfast,” she said. You turn your head wondering where Levi. you realized what you did yesterday. you started to sniffle. Hanji look at you seeing verge of tears began to come. Hanji grabbed you and hold you. “it’s okay. after breakfast how about we play with the cadets huh?” said Hanji trying to get your mind off of Levi. You nodded happily. you love playing with the Cadets. they always nice to you and always playing funny pranks.

Hanji put the plate in front of you. You thank her and begin eating. Hanji was bliss seeing a well-manner child you were. you really like her cooking. Hanji wanted to remember this seeing your smiling face eating her cooking. you finished. you wanted to wash the dishes but you couldn’t reach. Hanji took care of it. Hanji realized you still wear the same clothes from yesterday. you look a messed.
“______, wait here. I need to get you clothes.” you nodded your head. Hanji left and lock the door. She went to go see Levi.

You wonder what to do for your spare time. you saw something open.
“oh?” you said. you wobbled yourself inside. you saw some strange things as you peek from the door. you were frightened of them. you quickly went back and hide under the bed.

Hanji stomped her way to Levi’s office. she knock on the door. there was no answer.
“huh?” said Hanji finding it odd.
She knock again.
no answer.
“that...” Hanji sighs.
“what do you want?” Hanjis look who it was. it was Levi. he look a messed.
“woah! what happened to you!?” said Hanji.
“shut up! what’s your business?” he said.
“I need clothes for _____,” said Hanji. Levi eyes widened. he closed his eyes and said, “might as well take her luggage if she’s staying at your place.”
Hanji eyebrow twitch, “shortie! you need to learn how to treat a child. She’s not your cadets. She cried all night.”
Levi eyes didn’t changed nor his reaction.
Hanji sighs, “just...for once...have some sympathy for the girl or at least show affection.”
Levi just opened his office. he walks in going to the door showing a closet of his clothes and yours on the bottom.
“take what you need and leave. I have alot of work to do,” said Levi.
Hanji blink seeing most of your stuff in this closet then Levi.
Hanji thought to herself “wait...does he actually care for _____?”
Hanji look at Levi sipping cup of tea looking through his paper.
“whatever.....I better give these clothes to _____ before she starts crying again.”

Hanji came in. Hanji was surprised you were hiding under the bed. you told her the things you saw in the other room. Hanji forgot to lock it. Hanji brushed of the question you were asking her as she says “let's go see the cadets!” you were happy changing the subject.

You were in the stable with Eren, Jean, Armin and Mikasa. Hanji left going take care of some business.  
Eren pick you up and letting you touch the horse.
You giggled.
“aww,” said Armin watched you.
“I’m surprised she’s not with the Captain,” said Jean.
when you heard that, tears started to form. you started to cry.
“Jean!?!? what did you do?!?!” said Eren.
“what?” said Jean.
“what’s wrong _____?” said Armin.
you kept crying.
Mikasa took you away from Eren began to tickle you.
you started laughing.
the guys sigh of relieved.
Eren whispered to Mikasa, “how did you do that?”
“easy, kids like this. I did that to you once,” said Mikasa.
Jean and Armin snickered.
Eren face turn red, “that because we were playing tag.”
“yeah, I won,” said Mikasa.
Mikasa stopped tickling you. More Cadets came, it was Sasha and Connie.
“_______!!!!” they both said.
they both hugged you same time. you giggled. you love when they do that. They always do crazy things.
“hey, guess what,” said Sasha.
They assume what she did.
you wanted to see what she got.
She reveal a five feet long bread. everyone look at her in trouble and shocked.
“Sasha!” said Armin.
“what! it look so tasty,” said Sasha.
“can I have?” you said reaching wanting for bread.
“sure,” said Sasha giving you small piece. you took bite.
“now _____ is in trouble,” said Connie face palm.
“not really,” said Eren.
“She’s Corporal exception right?” said Jean.
tears started to form.
“JEAN!!!!!!” everyone yelled.

The Cadets had training. you watched from sitting on the bench. you were amazed by their fighting skills and their 3-D maneuver how they could fly like birds. you did notice Levi. you were trying not to even be close or see him because you were now scared of him. you saw Eren showing off his skills. your eyes sparkled and clapped your hands. Erwin saw you looking at the Cadets. He walked over to you.
“______?” he said. You look at Erwin.
“Erwinnie!” you said with childish smile.
Erwin mentally facepalm himself. ever since that day, Hanji call him that by a joke. you have been saying that. it was cute in way in same time it was embarrassing to say.
“you like the training?” said Erwin asked.
you nodded your head, “it’s so cool. Eren is like whoosh and M-M-Mika is whoosh.” you couldn’t pronounce the name right on Mikasa. you have hard time saying it.
Erwin smiles, “yes, do you wish to be like them?”
“yes!!! it looks like fun to do that,” you said.
Erwin smiled but also sadden that this little girl doesn’t know beyond the walls. Erwin like her to stay this way pure and innocent. He remember how he first met her. She was dazed and scared and almost dead looking soul less. They found you in a village only one survive. you were beyond the walls. you lost everything. you hardly spoke nor do anything. you were soul less. everyone help you. you soon forgot about everything what had happened to you. you didn’t remember. it was for the best. you never ask questions about your parents or where you came from. it was also surprised that Levi wanted to adopted you. Erwin even question Levi about this but Levi gave him cold shoulder and just walked away. Erwin still wondered why but maybe it was something he thought for himself.
“Erwinnie! look! look!!” you pointed at Sasha makes a spin with her 3-D maneuver. Erwin look at Sasha. he sighs to remember to scold Sasha to not show off. Erwin glance at you with sparkle eyes. he find it better this way. Erwin patted your head.  
“be a good girl okay,” said Erwin walking away.
you look Erwin walking around carrying papers. you cocked your head to the side wondering what was that for.

it was lunch time. you run to the cadets. they were sitting at their tables chatting. you came in and said, “that was so cool!!!!” the cadets look at you with sparkle in your eyes. Some were flattered and happy to being called "cool." you went on and on about them even individuals like how you explain about Mikasa hit that cardboard titan. Eren looks cool with the flip. The cadets were fond of you.

Hanji giggled, “_____ is having a ball over there.”
Petre giggled, “______ has a cute personality.”
Levi glance over at you. “tch,” he said.
“oh, something you want to say shortie,” said Hanji. Levi glared at her.
“you two, no fighting at this table,” said Erwin eating his vegetables.
“did you two fight?” said Petra.
“more like the bulldog chase after the bunny away,” said Hanji folded her arms.
“aww,” said Petra glance over at you. you sit on Eren lap. The cadets started to cooed on you and Eren cutely. Levi seemed to be angry. The table was silent in Levi’s table feeling his aura. Erwin hide his snickered knowing Levi wanted _____ to came back to him.

you follow the cadets going to the boy’s room. You sit on Renier’s bunk. Renier chuckled seeing you bounce.
“having fun?” he asked.
“yeah!” you said bouncing.
“be car-”
you hit your head on the top bunk. you landed back on the bed. you wanted to cry.
Christa came running over towards you before Reiner did.
“you okay?” she asked angelically.
you look at her with tears. She gave you comforting hug like a mother. All the cadets were swoon seeing two cuteness overpower by them with a goddess and cuteness in same time. Christa wipe your tears and you smile at her.
“mo-” you stopped yourself.
Christa flustered almost thought you said mother. you were flustered too.
“sorry!! mom!!” you covered your said it. Christa face was red. all the cadets were silent. you never done this before. Christa always treated you kindly just like any other you felt warm. you assume it felt motherly.
“it’s fine.” Christa smiled. you were happy. you hugged her. Christa hugged you back. The cadets were swoon again. Everyone was silent.
“it’s big man! code blue! code blue!” said Connie. everyone scattered. the girls ran to the other side their room.
Reiner told you hide under his bed. you did. Reiner was a big guy somehow the bed was hold still not crushing you. the lights turn off. it was silent. you hear footstep noise. you were scared wasn’t sure who was coming. you heard the door creek. you hold your mouth from crying. you saw the boots. you knew who it was. it frighten you. he stopped. you were scared he might find out you were in here.
you heard.
“you lazy Cadets!!!! Stand up!!!!” the lights turn on and everyone stood immediately. some fumbled trying to get out of bed.
“you don’t know how to clean proper rooms. get cleaning and go to sleep. one more thing,” said Levi paced back and forth.
“did you guys had _____ in this room?” said Levi. you covered your mouth. everyone was silent.
Levi seemed to suspect.
“are you lying to me?” said Levi. you were afraid they might get caught.  something hit you. you made a peep but lightly. it was Renier old sweater. Reiner wanted to cover you in cause Levi check under the bed. you were confused. Levi finally gave up and leaves the room. everything was relieved. Bertholdt check on you, “you can come out now.” you crawled out of there. Bertholdt brushed off some dirt and dust off you.
“smart thinking Reiner,” said Connie.
“I’m glad no one got caught,” said Reiner.
you were off into space.
“hey, what’s wrong,” said Armin crouch at your level.
“I’m sorry.....” you look down.
“hey, no need. we just looking out for each other said Jean.
you look at them with goofy faces smiling. you smiled but you still felt sad because you missed Levi.

you told the boy cadets. you going to go to Hanji room. you went on your own.
“are you sure we should leave by herself?” said Armin.
“she’s Levi’s daughter after all,” said Jean.
“He adopted her, remember,” said Eren.
“yeah, I know but surely she knows how to take care herself,” said Jean.
“she’s just a kid,” said Armin.
“so, she needs to know how to defend herself. look at us for example,” said Jean.
they were silent.
“let’s keep an eye on her,” said Eren.
They all nodded their heads except Jean left confused.
they started to follow you behind.

Levi sighs. he started to wonder where you were. Levi notice you weren’t with Hanji nor with Erwin. Levi went to check on Petra. he knocked on the door. Petra opened the door with a tired look.
“oh! corporal!” she said.
“have you seen ____?”
“no, is she missing?” she said with concern.
“no, she’s probably playing with those cadets. sorry.”
Petra look confused then closed the door. Levi walked down the hallway hoping to find you and maybe apologize what he said to you. he started to miss you.

you slowly walked down the hallway. you started to get lost because it was dark and the lights were lamps. it wasn’t much. you started to worry and little chills. “’s Hanji...?” you worried. you began at slow paced. you heard creaking sound behind you. you turn around. there was nobody. it was darkness at the end. it creep you out like something about to jump. you kept looking forward. that’s when the lighting and thunder hits. you cried out.
“DADDDY!!!!!!!!!!!”  you ran all the way until you grabbed hold of something. you cried and cried. you holding something soft.
“this is where you been,” said Levi. you look up seeing him little angry. you cry even more let go and ran away from him.
“hey!!!” he yelled. the thunder strikes again. you covered your ears as you run. you bump into something. you fell on your bottom. you look only see half of his face. it was Reiner. you didn’t know. you shrieked. you ran opposite direction again. you fell. you stay there covering your ears frighten by everything.
“I’m...scared....I’m scared....” you repeated. you felt something wanted to get you. you wanted to go away. Levi patted your head.
“oi.” you peek your head seeing Levi look concern on his face.
“are you scared?” he said. you nodded.
“come here.”  he gave you open arms. you run over to him. you cry on his shoulders as he pick you up. Levi saw the boys.
“what you guys doing there?” he said.
“we...uh.....” said Eren rubbed back of his neck.
“bed! now!” he ordered. they all run to their rooms. Levi patted your back as you still cry. he took you back to his room and waited till you calm down.
you started to say, “I’m sorry....I’m sorry....I’m sorry...” you kept repeating while crying. Levi sighs. he patted your head. you look at him. he wiped your tears.
“no more crying,” he said. you nodded.
“I'm not mad at you anymore,” said Levi.
“you not?” you said.
Levi look at you seeing your innocent eyes. he sighs, “no.”
“do you hate me?” you asked.
Levi eyes widened. maybe Hanji was right towards him going too far with ______.
you gave him a innocent puppy eyes that Levi regret hurting you ever again.
“I don’t hate you. I was being a-” you covered his mouth. “no swearing,” you told him. Levi did a little smile but to you was the same face. Levi was amused by it. it was either Hanji or Petra taught you this.
“okay, I was being a jerk. an huge one at that. I didn’ say those things to you. I was just tired.”
you started crying. Levi was surprised not sure what to do. you often cry a lot for reasons but this was new.
“” you said. Levi was surprised you called him daddy. the day you arrived. he remember how you came. you look dead like nothing. when you recovered. you started to follow Levi around alot. you look like his puppy follow him around. you were obedient and loyal. he didn’t know why he adopted you when he did. now he knew, he loved you like daughter or little sister. you saw him as a dad. Levi didn’t see that. Levi hugged you as you cried. when you stopped crying you realizes what you said.
“I’m sorry Captain.”  
Levi smiled, “daddy is fine.”
you smiled and gave him a “yay!” Levi began to tuck you in. Levi slept beside you.
“daddy....” you said.
“hm?” said Levi.
“daddy...” you said again.
Levi sighs knowing you were saying that to get use to it. you even did that when you try to say his name.
“daddy!” you cheered. Levi smile in defeat and gave you pat on the head for reward. you couldn’t help but smile. you started to go to sleep.
“” Levi eyes widened. it was complicated not sure to these attach feelings but it made him warm hearing those words.
“ you too.”

Bonus ending:
you hold Levi’s hand as you walked with him in the training. the Cadets look at him with awe even the squad leaders. Levi closed his eyes a bit irritated about this. you were smiling alot. you couldn’t help it.
“aw, so cute,” said Christa.
“what a cute father and daughter,” said Ymir.
Hanji yelled, “you finally made-up!!!!!!” Levi gave Hanji death glare. Hanji didn’t notice.
“here we go,” said Erwin face palm as Levi quickly flick Hanji forehead in dash while carrying you in his other arm. The cadet squeal even more.
you watched Hanji sob as you pat her head.
you look at Levi. Levi look confused.
“I love you daddy!” Everyone was swoon by the cuteness. Levi was even more annoyed with everyone.
“sweetie closed your ears,” Levi whispered. you were surprised he said that. you did what he said. Hanji help in cause. Levi inhale and exhale and yelled. you couldn’t hear what he said by everyone expression worse thing in there life.        
I never write fanfic about Attack on titan. I thought I give it a shot. I hope you guys like Daddy! Levi. Tamako Kitashirakawa (Talks) [V1] I really like this fanfic. Sorry, if this is not like Levi character or any other characters.Manaka Mukaido (What should I do) [V1]  I have fun.Kaori Fujimiya (Happy) [V1]  Reader-chan is adorable almost like Christa.Krista Lenz (Goddess) [Shingeki no Kyojin]  I hope you guys enjoy it.Tamako Kitashirakawa (Waves and says Hi) [V1]  

Good luck Reader-chanTamako Kitashirakawa (Happy) [V2] 

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Hanji: I did! She must have accidentally heard!
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Me: -Looks at Jean and walks over to him- .-.
Jean: What?
Everyone else (And I mean everyone) : O_O
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Everyone else: 0_0
Levi: -Walks back in a trombone- Whoever is the owner of the left corridor you left your lights on...-Walks away with Eren following behind looking proud-
Redflare09 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
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